Swivel Wheel Flexible Vacuums: Models 250, 252 Parts

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
#250 Wheel Replacement Kit R201500
#252 Wheel Replacement Kit R201451
Pentair #252 Wheel Replacement Kit R201451
Sale price$19.29
Only 2 units left
Axle Assy. #264 Bulk R201606Axle Assy. #264 Bulk R201606
Pentair Axle Assy. #264 Bulk R201606
Sale price$6.11
Sold out
Solid Polyurethane Wheel R03022Solid Polyurethane Wheel R03022
Pentair Solid Polyurethane Wheel R03022
Sale price$7.27
Sold out
Swivel Caster #263 R03026Swivel Caster #263 R03026
Pentair Swivel Caster #263 R03026
Sale price$8.63
Sold out
Washers Adjustment #266 R201626
Pentair Washers Adjustment #266 R201626
Sale price$5.40
Sold out
S.S. Retainer Clip #267 R03058
Pentair S.S. Retainer Clip #267 R03058
Sale price$8.63
Sold out
Caster Support #265 R03032
Pentair Caster Support #265 R03032
Sale price$8.63
Sold out
Wheel #174 Off White R03021Wheel #174 Off White R03021
Pentair Wheel #174 Off White R03021
Sale price$2.78
Sold out
Screw, Shaft Retainer R01023
Pentair Screw, Shaft Retainer R01023
Sale price$2.28
Sold out
Snap-Adapt Repl Handle R201476
Pentair Snap-Adapt Repl Handle R201476
Sale price$7.72
Sold out
Nut & Bolt #190 Bulk For Handle R201496
Hose Swivel Adapter R201566
Pentair Hose Swivel Adapter R201566
Sale price$7.10
Sold out

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