Pentair Purex IntelliFloXF VS (Before 8/2015) Pump Parts

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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 26 products
Almond Keypad Wall Mount Kit- 356904Z
Riser Plate Conversion- 400012
Pentair Riser Plate Conversion- 400012
Sale price$102.52
Sold out
Diffuser O Ring- 350336
Pentair Diffuser O Ring- 350336
Sale price$5.24
Sold out
8-32 x 1” Diffuser Screw- 353323
Diffuser, Pentair IntelliFloXF, 3.0hp- 400010
2 Speed Impeller Screw- 37337-6081
Impeller Screw- 37337-6080
Pentair Impeller Screw- 37337-6080
Sale price$30.80
Sold out
Seal Plate O Ring- 351446
Pentair Seal Plate O Ring- 351446
Sale price$9.96
Sold out
Seal Plate Kit- 400031Z
Pentair Seal Plate Kit- 400031Z
Sale price$321.70
Sold out
Flat Washer 3/8 I.D. x 7/8 O.D.- 072184
3/8" Lock Washer/ U43-12SS
Pentair 3/8" Lock Washer/ U43-12SS
Sale price$4.30
Sold out
3/8-16, Acorn Wetend Assembly Nut- 071413
Motor Base- 400004Z
Pentair Motor Base- 400004Z
Sale price$61.30
Sold out
Black Motor Support Insert/ 357160
Almond Cover Assembly Field Wiring Kit- 350621
Hardware Kit- 350612
Pentair Hardware Kit- 350612
Sale price$167.02
Sold out
2- Union Seals/ 410016Z
Pentair 2- Union Seals/ 410016Z
Sale price$18.96
Sold out
2-1/2" Grooved Adaptor Union- 410002
2-1/2" C-Clip Locking Ring- 410001
2-1/2", Black Union Nut- 411000
Pentair 2-1/2", Black Union Nut- 411000
Sale price$30.80
Sold out
2-1/2" Slip Union Assembly- 410020
Pentair 2-1/2" Slip Union Assembly- 410020
Sale price$221.22
Sold out
1/4" Drain Plug- 071131Z
Pentair 1/4" Drain Plug- 071131Z
Sale price$9.84
Sold out
O Ring- 192115Z
Pentair O Ring- 192115Z
Sale price$3.20
Sold out
Pump Basket- 400007Z
Pentair Pump Basket- 400007Z
Sale price$65.36
Sold out

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