Pentair MasterTemp Gas Heater Electrical System Parts

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products

Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Blower Adapter, Dual / Single Voltage 42001-0247Blower Adapter, Dual / Single Voltage 42001-0247
Ground Wire Kit, Pentair Mastertemp/Max-E-Therm 475214Z
Gas Shutoff Switch, Pentair Max-E-Therm/MasterTemp 42002-0025SGas Shutoff Switch, Pentair Max-E-Therm/MasterTemp 42002-0025S
Wire Harness, Pentair MasterTemp 125, 120/240v 461107
Touchpad, Pentair MasterTemp 472610ZTouchpad, Pentair MasterTemp 472610Z
Heater Top, Pentair Master Temp 42002-0034ZHeater Top, Pentair Master Temp 42002-0034Z
PCB, Pentair Max-E-Therm Nat./LP, Control 42002-0007S
Air Flow Switch, Pentair Max-E-Therm/MasterTemp 42001-0061S
Thermistor, Pentair Max-E-Therm/MasterTemp 42001-0053S
Gasket, Pentair Max-E-Therm/MasterTemp, Igniter 42001-0066S
Igniter Bracket, Pentair Max-E-Therm/MasterTemp 42001-0030S
Control Panel Cover, Pentair MasterTemp 42002-0035Z

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