Fiberstars Illuminators, 6004, 6008, 6004-AS Parts

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 products
Hot Mirror/Motor/Wheel/Pcb Assembly, Sync 6004-As Y108051
Pc Board & Motor Assembly 6004-As Y108050
Fuse Holder, Inline (Fuse Not Included) Y306900
Fuse, 1/10A Auto-Control 2000/6000 A11598
Fuse, 7 Amp Main Power 6000 A12269
Port Assembly 6000 A12240
S.R. Smith Port Assembly 6000 A12240
Sale price$87.24
Sold out
Fan (Fs250, Fs3, All 2000 & 6000) A7002
Thermal Overload Y30-0020
S.R. Smith Thermal Overload Y30-0020
Sale price$36.11
Only 2 units left
Color Wheel Motor Assembly. (6008) Y108010
Color Wheel Motor Assembly. (6004) Y104010
Color Wheel Only PT-03DColor Wheel Only PT-03D
S.R. Smith Color Wheel Only PT-03D
Sale price$188.16
Sold out
Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Y206050
Lamp Assembly - 6000 Series Y206000
Screw, Chassis To Base A11246
S.R. Smith Screw, Chassis To Base A11246
Sale price$5.51
Sold out
Base E12312
S.R. Smith Base E12312
Sale price$121.66
Sold out
Top Cover Screw A11603
S.R. Smith Top Cover Screw A11603
Sale price$1.06
Sold out
Top Cover A11604
S.R. Smith Top Cover A11604
Sale price$144.95
Only 7 units left
Toggle Switch, 3-Position A11526
S.R. Smith Toggle Switch, 3-Position A11526
Sale price$28.42
In stock, 17 units
Color Wheel 2008/6008 A11213
S.R. Smith Color Wheel 2008/6008 A11213
Sale price$329.62
Sold out
Color Wheel Nut A8092
Fiberstars Color Wheel Nut A8092
Sale price$0.96
Sold out

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