Swimline Above-Ground Pool Liners

What gauge or mil is a Swimline liner?

Swimline does not market pool liners as gauge or mil. Dealers and distributors use these terms for marketing purposes only and are not true measurements of thickness. Our liners are the 2000 series or the Perma 25 series (which is heavier than the 2000 series and the heaviest we make). All of Swimline patterns and styles are comparable to the thickness of all liners in the industry.

Overlap Above-Ground Pool Replacement Liners

Our premium overlap pool liners are constructed of Standard and Heavy Gauge vinyl, our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years. Strong, double-welded seams will withstand winter’s worst. Our overlap pool liners are so rugged; they are backed by a 15-Year Warranty on Standard gauge liners and a 25-Year Warranty on the Heavy gauge. All of the flat-bottom liners listed below will fit either a 48” or 52” sidewall.

Uni-Bead Above-Ground Pool Replacement Liners


Upgrade your overlap-style pool with this deluxe designer pattern! Uni-bead pool liners are easier to install then overlap liners; and it allows you to have the beautiful designer border found only on beaded-type liners. The uni-bead liner’s J-hook simply slips over the top of your pool wall and hangs straight and securely into your pool. Our unique J-hook (uni-bead) liner will also fit pools with bead receivers.

Standard gauge uni-bead pool liners are backed by a 15-Year Warranty, while Heavy gauge liners are backed by a 25-Year Warranty.

It is constructed of top-quality vinyl and loaded with U.V. inhibitors to make our liners last for years and years. Our J-hook pool liners are available in 48″, 52″ and 54″ depths.