Balboa 54219-Z Retro-Fit Vs500Z Spa Control System W/Mini-Oval Topside

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The Value Series (VS) family of hot tub control systems were designed using Balboas patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology and a new universal control platform. These features increase the reliability, ease of installation and serviceability of the control. The VS family is based on a common universal control platform, which increases feature flexibility while reducing installation and configuration problems. The VS family has exceptionally good feature flexibility, so its performance is competitive with many other higher end products.

Control Operates:

  • 240V 50A
  • Pump 1 - 2 Speed 120/240V
  • Ozone - 120/240V -match Pump voltage
  • Light - 12V


  • 5.5KW Heater
  • Topside #Mini-Oval

Product Specs:

    • Model VS550
    • Appliance #1 2-spd Pump 115v/230v
    • Appliance #2 None
    • Appliance #3 None
    • Appliance #4 None
    • Heater Type Fixed - Bottom
    • Heater Wattage 1.375kW/5.5kW
    • Circ Pump Ready Yes 115v/230v
    • Supply Voltage 115v/230v
    • GFCI No
    • Topside Included Duplex Mini Oval
    • Fiber Optic No
    • Auxillary No

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